Peer-Reviewed Publications


Stakeholder engagement in natural resource management: the Five-Feature Framework

(2016)  Jared Talley, Jen Schneider, and Eric Lindquist  |  External Link

Analyzing Spatiotemporal Patterns of Urbanization in Treasure Valley, Idaho, USA

(2016)  Khila Dahal, Shawn Benner, Eric Lindquist  |  External Link

Forecasting disturbance effects on wildlife: tolerance does not mitigate effects of increased recreation on wildlands

(2016)  B. P. Pauli, R. J. Spaul, J. A. Heath  |  External Link

Content matters: Stakeholder assessment of river stories or river science

(2016)  McBeth, Lybecker, Stoutenborough, Davis, Running  |  External Link

Do stakeholders analyze their audience? The communication switch and stakeholder personal versus public communication choices

(2016)  McBeth, Lybecker, Stoutenborough  |  External Link

Do We Understand What the Public Hears? Stakeholders’ Preferred Communication Choices for Discussing River Issues with the Public

(2016)  Lybecker, McBeth, Stoutenborough  |  External Link

Social Network Analysis for assessing research team collaboration and implementation capacity

(2016)  Jocelyn Helbling and John Anderson  |  External Link

Impacts of a 32-billion-gallon bioencery landscape on land and fossil fuel use in the US

(2016)  Hudiburg, Wang, Khanna, Long  |  External Link

Toward Human-Carnivore Coexistence: Understanding Tolerance for Tigers in Bangladesh

(2016)  Inskip, Carter, RIley, Roberts, and MacMillan  |  External Link

The making of a sustainable wireless city? Mapping public Wi-Fi access in Shanghai

(2016)  Wang, Liao, Lin, Huang, Gu  |  External Link

The Science of Firescapes: Achieving Fire-Resilient Communities

(2016)  Alistair Smith, Crystal Kolden, Travis Paveglio, and others  |  External Link

The Effects of Ambient Water Quality and Eurasian Watermilfoil on Lakefront Property Values in Cd'A

(2016)  Felix Haifeng Liao, Frank M. Wilhelm, and Mark Solomon (UI)  |  External Link


A Critical Assessment of the Ecological Assumptions Underpinning Compensatory Mitigation of Salmon-Derived Nutrients

(2015)  Collins, Marcarelli, Baxter and Wipfli  |  External Link

Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Services: Current Status and Future Opportunities for the Study of Bees and Pollination-Related Services

(2015)  Galbraith, Vierling, Bosque-Perez  |  External Link

Scholarly motivations to conduct interdisciplinary climatechange research

(2015)  Anita Milman, John Marston, Sarah Godsey, Jessica Bolson, Holly Jones, Susan Weiler  |  External Link

Space, scale, and regional inequality in provincial China: A spatial filtering approach

(2015)  Felix Haifeng Liao, Yehua Dennis Wei  |  External Link

Administrative hierarchy and urban land expansion in transitional China

(2015)  Han Li, Yehua Dennis Wei, Felix Haifeng Liao, Zhiji Huang  |  External Link

Combined Impact of Catchment Size, Land Cover and Precipitation on Streamflow and Stream Nitrogen

(2015)  Gallo, Meixner, Aoubid, Lohse, Brooks  |  External Link

Implications of management policies on groundwater levels in the Texas High Plains

(2015)  Hernandez, Gowda, Marek, Howell, Ha  |  External Link

Aboveground biomass estimates of sagebrush using LiDAR data in a dryland ecosystem

(2015)  Li, Glenn, Olsoy, Mitchell, and Shrestha  |  External Link

Adventure Learning as a curricular approach that transcends geographies and connects people to place

(2015)  Miller, Cox, Hougham, Walden, Eitel, Albano  |  External Link

Changing habitat use assoc w/ distributional shifts of wintering raptors

(2015)  Paprocki, Glenn, Atkinson, Strickler, Watson, and Heath  |  External Link

Technology-Enriched STEM Investigations of Place

(2015)  Justin Hougham, Karla Eitel, Brant Miller  |  External Link

Enhancements to WEPP for Modeling Large Snow-Dominated Mountainous Forest Watersheds

(2015)  Srivastava, Wu, Elliot, and Brooks  |  External Link

Revisiting River Management Options: Stakeholders, Levees, and Public Policy

(2015)  Stoutenborough  |  External Link

Lessons learned from the design and development of technology-enhanced outdoor learning experiences

(2015)  Veletsianos, Miller, Eitel, Eitel, Hougham, and Hansen  |  External Link

Indicators of Climate Change in Idaho: An Assessment Framework for Coupling Biophysical Change and Social Perception

(2015)  Klos, Abatzoglou, Bean, Blades, Clark, Dodd, Hall, Haruch, Higuera, Holbrook, Jansen, Kemp, Lankford, Link, Magney, Meddens, Mitchell, Moore, Morgan, Newingham, Niemeyer, Soderquist, Suazo, Vierling, Walden, Walsh  |  External Link

Elevation-dependent responses of streamflow to climate warming

(2015)  Tennant, Crosby, and Godsey  |  External Link


A framework for the development of the SERV model: A Spatially Explicit Resilience-Vulnerability model

(2014)  Tim Frazier, Courtney Thompson, and Raymond Dezzani  |  External Link

Aboveground total and green biomass of dryland shrub derived from terrestrial laser scanning

(2014)  Peter Olsoy, Nancy Glenn, Patrick Clark, and DeWayne Derryberry  |  External Link

Remote sensing the vulnerability of vegetation in natural terrestrial ecosystems

(2014)  Alistair Smith, Crystal Kolden, Wade Tinkham, Alan Talhelm, John Marshall, Andrew Hudak, Luigi Boschetti, Michael Falkowski, Jonathan Greenberg, John Anderson, Andrew Kliskey, Lilian Alessa, Robert Keefe, James Gosz  |  External Link

Remote sensing of vegetation structure, function, and condition: Special issue

(2014)  Alistair Smith, Michael Falkowski, Jonathan Greenberg, Wade Tinkham  |  External Link

Quantifying spatial distribution of snow depth errors from LiDAR using Random Forest

(2014)  Wade Tinkham, Alistair Smith, Hans-Peter Marshall, Tim Link, Michael Falkowski, and Adam Winstral  |  External Link


Identifying sources and processes influencing nitrogen export to a small stream using dual isotopes of nitrate

(2013)  Kathleen Lohse, Jonathan Sanderman, and Ronald Amundson  |  External Link

Single and Multi-Date Landsat Classifications of Basalt to Support Soil Survey Efforts

(2013)  Jessica Mitchell, Rupesh Shrestha, Carol Moore-Ellison, and Nancy Glenn  |  External Link

Quantification of fuel moisture effects on biomass consumed derived from fire radiative energy retrievals

(2013)  Alistair Smith, Wade Tinkham, David Roy, Luigi Boschetti, Robert Kremens, Sanath Kumar, Aaron Sparks, and Michael Falkowski  |  External Link

A Methodology to Characterize Vertical Accuracies in Lidar-derived Products at Landscape Scales

(2013)  Wade Tinkham, Chad Hoffman, Michael Falkowski, Alistair Smith, Hans-Peter Marshall, and Tim Link  |  External Link

A lightweight, low cost autonomously operating terrestrial laser scanner for quantifying and monitoring ecosystem structural dynamics

(2013)  Jan Eitel, Lee Vierling, Troy Magney  |  External Link

Opportunities and constraints to hazard mitigation planning

(2013)  Tim Frazier, Monica Walker, Aparna Kumari, Courtney Thompson  |  External Link

Is burn severity related to fire intensity? Observations from landscape scale remote sensing

(2013)  Heather Heward, Alistair Smith, David Roy, Wade Tinkham, Chad Hoffman, Penelope Morgan, and Karen Lannom  |  External Link

Can replacement of native by non-native trout alterstream-riparian food webs?

(2013)  Joseph R. Benjamin, Fabio Lepori, Colden V. Baxter and Kurt D. Fausch  |  External Link