Statewide Integration of CI‐Visualization

PIs and Institutions:

Donna Delparte and Rob Edsall (ISU); Nancy Glenn and Steve Cutchin (BSU); Luke Sheneman, Bruce Godfrey, and Tim Frazier (UI)

Other Investigators:

Beth Scott (UI); Eric Lindquist (BSU); Thomas Wuerzer (BSU); Keith Weber (ISU); John Anderson (UI), Post‐docs, Graduate Students and MURI participants across the three institutions

Project Description

This project launched a highly innovative, creative and cross-institutional investigation into effective Visualization strategies for ecosystem services in Idaho. This endeavor created a statewide visualization working group with participants from all three institutions and interested stakeholders and partners. Our emphasis was on developing intuitive 3D visual interfaces to enable researchers, stakeholders and the public to interactively view modeling products emerging from the MILES program.


3-D Model of Pocatello

3D Visualization of the Pocatello Valley
—Meg Tracy & Brock Lipple (ISU)

Pocatello Future Downtown

Future Pocatello
—Meg Tracy (ISU)

Boise West End

Boise West End
—Josh Johnston (BSU)
A CityEngine web scene of Boise's West End along the Connector, Main, and Idaho streets. Density of development is shown at three levels.

3-D Fernan Lake

3-D Fernan Lake (currently unavailable)
—Kevin Henry (UI)
This 3D visualization of Fernan Lake Village, Idaho and surrounding area demonstrates the capabilities of ESRI's CityEngine for use in SES research and communication. Analysis products such as wildfire severity and lake sensitivity analyses can be viewed in conjunction with infrastructure and development derived from existing GIS data.