Donna Lybecker

Idaho State University (Faculty)

Environmental Politics

MILES Role:  SES Research

Role in MILES: 
Dr. Lybecker is the Science Co-Lead for the NSF EPSCoR MILES project grant. She is working to identify stakeholder values and how they see the Portneuf River. See this short video:
Brief biography: 
Dr. Lybecker is Chair/Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Idaho State University. Her research interests include the U.S.-Mexico border, environmental politics in the Western U.S. and Latin America, and the framing of political issues. Dr. Lybecker has co-authored two books, Great Debates in Environmental History with B. Black (2009), and Cases in International Relations: Pathways to Conflict and Cooperation with G. Hastedt and V. Shannon (2014).